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Android Apps to Help You Stay Healthy – Coronovirus COVID-19

We are all worried about the coronovirus COVID-19. I’m from Washington State, and we have more and more cases showing up everyday. People are stocking up on food, hand sanitizer, toilet paper, and many other essentials. Here are some Android apps that will help you better manage your health and welfare during this global crisis.


First let’s look at informative apps. I recommend going to the source first – the CDC, which keeps up to date data on the spread of the coronovirus.

You can also try your health department sites for your state, some of which will have apps. Just search for them in the Google Play store.

Another useful website to visit is the Red Cross. Here is their fact sheet on the coming pandemic. They do not appear to have an app directly related to the coronovirus, however. .


Also, the World Health Organization has an app to help keep you up to date on the world impact of this virus.


Stay Away from Crowded Spaces

Some places are easy to stop going too, but its much harder to stay away from places like a grocery store or other food options. Instacart has saved me more times than one. I use it for delivery from Safeway, Costco, and Fred Meyer. Get $10 off if you sign up through our link. The prices for things are a little higher than the store, but if you want to stay away from people it is worth it. Check out their app too!

Other ways you can stay at home and still get food is from agencies like DoorDash, Postmates, and UberEats if you live in an area that these businesses serve. These apps bring food from restaurants around where you live and deliver them to your door. I highly recommend signing up for their “passes” that give you free delivery all month for one low fee (around $10).

Stay Away from Hospitals and Clinics if Possible

Try to stay away from places people with the virus might congregate such as hospitals and clinics. COVID-19 is very contagious. Find out if your doctor uses a patient portal to provide communication to doctors online through email. My doctors use a program called MyChart.