Top 5 Android Apps to Earn Real Money Through Surveys

No Joke!

It is a hobby of mine to find ways to lower the cost overall of my phone every month. One way I do this is through taking online surveys for money. I do not earn an overly large amount of money, but with a little survey here and there, I earn something. I find the whole process rather fun too.

For this blog post, I’ve rounded up the top 5 survey apps that pay real money. Sign up and try them out! Rock that mobile!

1. Google Opinion Rewards

google opinion rewards screenshotI love Google Opinion Rewards because the money I get form it accumulates as Play Store credit, and I get to buy new apps with the money.

For each survey, you can receive up to a dollar. Most surveys seem to be under ten questions. They are really very short.

Download the app today

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2. Quick Thoughts

Quick Thoughts ScreenshotQuick Thoughts lets you get one to three dollars per survey to be redeemed as an Amazon gift card once you reach ten dollars. Surveys are on a variety of topics.

You can wait for a survey to show up that matches your profile or you can take the survey qualifier quiz as many times as you want (or so it seems).

Try it out today!Quick Thoughts Icon





3. Surveys On The Go

surveys on the go screenshotSurveys On The Go will pay you cash from $0.25 to $5. Most surveys are around the $1 range, however.

You can cash out at $10 with an Amazon gift card, Visa Rewards, or PayPal.

If you just sign up and let it sit on your phone, it will notify you of potential surveys you might qualify for. It could not be more easy.

Try it today!

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4. Voxpopme

Voxpopme screenshotVoxpopme is a bit unique. Instead of responding to a traditional survey, you record a 15-60 second video with your front facing camera in response to a question about an experience. It is video surveys.

You earn money for each survey completed, and you can cash out with Paypal when you hit $15.

Take the plunge, try it out!

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5. QuarterSurvey

quartersurveys iconQuarterSuvey bases their payments on a $20/hr model. Each survey gets its reward price based on how much of an hour it will take to perform.

They use Paypal, and you must have $10 to cash out.

Try it out today!

Set and Forget!

Set these survey apps up on your phone and then forget about them. They will notify you when they are ready to have you complete a survey. Slowly but surely your money will grow in each app. This is not a get rich quick scheme, but it is a fun way to defray some of the cost of owning a phone in a fun way.

Good luck out there!

Rock That Mobile!


Big List of iOS, Android, and Chrome Apps for Chromecast

Today in my travels through the internet, I came across a big list of iOS, Android, and Chrome apps for Google Chromecast.

The Chromecast is one of my favorite toys. At $35 dollars it is easy to buy and easy to use.

One annoying thing, however, is tracking down the apps that support the Chromecast. No longer! The folks at Reddit have compiled a master list. Visit it today and get your Chromecast on!

Strobe for Facebook Messenger Brings You to Life in GIFs

strobe-screenshotI was searching yesterday for something to play with on my Android phone in the Google Play store. I found that there are add-ons to Facebook’s Messenger created by Facebook. Most of them were not worthy of any mention, but I did land on the one called Strobe.

You can take up to four photos and combine them to create a GIF that you can then share in Messenger with your friends. Even taking one photo has several animation options just for that.

Its fun to create GIFs with yourself in it because it brings a little uniqueness to the GIF that you do not get when you use someone elses. It just feels different.

So if you want a good time and want your friends to laugh, try Strobe. It also offers the option to save your GIFs outside of Messenger so that you can have a record of them or have them auto uploaded to your favorite repository like Google Photos (if you are like me).

Here is one I made with my dog last night.